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December 12, 2018

Mayor of Auburn, NE

scott-kudrna.jpgScott Kudrna
City of Auburn
1101 J Street
Auburn, Nebraska 68305
Phone: 402-274-3420
Fax: 402-274-4154

On behalf of the citizens of Auburn I would like to welcome you to our town.  Auburn and Nemaha County have many great things to offer.  Did you know we are one of the very few communities in Nebraska off of the interstate that had an increase in population from the 2000 census?

Auburn was founded in 1882 from the consolidation of the two towns of Calvert and Sheridan.  Because of this unique beginning we have two distinct historic business districts for our citizens to enjoy and our visitors to explore.

We are very proud of the recreation complex that is the home of our city recreation programs and annually hosts state baseball and softball tournaments.

Rotary Lake offers a great place to walk along the waters edge or try your luck fishing for trout, bass or a lunker catfish.  If the fishing is slow you can cause a ruckus with a couple pieces of bread thrown at one of the hungry ducks or geese.

Historic Legion Park has a beautiful new Veterans Memorial that pays tribute to the area veterans.  This is also the same park that folks from all around the area came to hear Robert Kennedy during his campaign.

The Auburn School District consistently is recognized for their outstanding work in academic competitions, dual college credit and preparing our youth for a prosperous future.

The Nemaha County Hospital has been recognized nationally for their leading edge technology and state of the art care.  I know of no other town under 3,500 that can boast 5 doctors, several dentists, chiropractors, a remodeled Good Samaritan Complex, along with many facilities offering varying levels of assistance to our seniors.

Nemaha County has even more to offer with Brownville providing some Nebraska’s best wines, entertainment and a chance to relive our states riverboat history.  The sacred hills of Nebraska’s oldest college are found on the beautiful Peru State CampusIndian Cave State Park offersone of the best fall views in the country and many activities throughout the camping season.  There really is too much to describe.

So I invite you to come and see us and you will see why we are proud to call Auburn home.


Scott Kudrna

Mayor of Auburn