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May 22, 2019

Historic District Properties

807 Central Avenue

This building was first constructed in 1882. According to Edna Bachle, it was briefly a hotel in 1893, called the Talmage House, which included a crochet field. Then in 1909 it was purchased by the Burlington Railroad. I am not sure what it was used for during this time, but the building of the railroad was a very significant point in the history of Nebraska and the whole entire nation. Read More

809 Central Avenue

Although built in 1895, and the dry cleaning business started here in this building in 1941 during WWII. The building has been home to the only dry cleaning business in the town of Auburn. This is very important because without it the people would not have been able to get their laundry done; people would have had to commute or send out laundry. Read More

814 Central Avenue

The building was built in 1910 and was a horse stable. Back in the 1930's the west side of the shop was the auto area. During the 1930's it was a Ford dealership. In the 1950's and 1960's it was also a tractor shop. Read More

817 Central Avenue

The building was built in 1883 as part of the historic Howe and Nixon Addition to the town of Sheridan, which merged with Calvert to become Auburn. This building is located in the history-filled downtown of Auburn, and the auto shop has been an important contributing part of this community. The Auburn (Byers) Hotel was also located in the heart of downtown; it was built around 1902-1903 and greatly contributed to the Auburn community. During WWII the Hotel modified its business to become a bus stop and telegraph office which was a large contributing factor to the Auburn community. Bobby Kennedy also paid a visit to this hotel in 1968 on his campaign trail, which is very significant. Senator Kennedy was a very important figure in history and it is extremely significant that he visited Auburn. Read More

820 Central Ave

822 Central Ave

826 Central Ave

830 Central Ave

900 Central Ave

901 Central Ave

902 Central Ave

905 Central Ave

907 Central Ave

908 Central Ave

909 Central Ave

910 Central Ave

911 Central Ave

912-914 Central Ave (The New Opera House)

913 Central Ave

915 Central Ave

916 Central Ave

917 Central Ave

918 Central Ave

920 Central Ave

919-921 Central Ave

922 Central Ave

923 Central Ave

1005 Central Ave

1008 Central Ave

1009 Central Ave

1010 Central Ave

1011 Central Ave

1012 Central Ave

1013 Central Ave

1014 Central Ave

1015 Central Ave

1017 Central Ave

1020 Central Ave

1023 Central Ave

1107 Central Ave

1205 L Street- Auburn First United Methodist Church

Legion Memorial Park

1100 J Street

1106 J Street

1108 J Street

1110 J Street

1112-1114 J Street

1115 J Street

1116 J Street

1118 J Street

1122 J Street

1206-1210 J Street

1211 J Street


1213 J Street

1215 J Street

1217 J Street

1219-1221 J Street (State Theater)

1222 J Street (has been removed)

1206 K Street

1210 K Street

1213 K Street

906 13th Street

908 13th Street

910 13th Street

1008 13th Street (has been removed)

1017 13th Street (Glenn's Corner Market)

1300 Courthouse 

1304-1306 Courthouse Ave

1310 Courthouse Ave

1320 Courthouse Ave (U.S. Post Office)

1400 Courthouse Ave

1100 15th Street (Auburn Christian Church)

1301 19th Street (Avenue Apartments)

1311 19th Street

1322 19th Street ( First Presbyterian Church)

1901 N Street

1824 N Street (Nemaha County Courthouse)

1401 19th Street

1403 19th Street

1405 19th Street

1407 19th Street

1409 19th Street

1415 19th Street

1417 19th Street

1419 19th Street

1423 19th Street (Nemaha Valley Museum)

1816 O Street (Nemaha Valley Museum)

1818 O Street

1822 O Street

1902 O Street

1904 O Street

1906 O Street

1908 O Street

1910-1912 O Street

1916 O Street

1918 O Street (has been removed)

1920 O Street

1922 O Street

20th and O Street

1400 20th Street

2002 O Street

2006 O Street