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Education Test Results Class C-1, C-2 and Smaller Schools

By Governor Dave Heineman

November 15, 2013

Dear Fellow Nebraskans: 

Two weeks ago, I shared with you the statewide reading, math, science and writing assessment results for Class A and B schools. This week I want to share the results for our Class C-1, C-2 and smaller high schools.

This data allows parents, citizens, school boards, superintendents, principals, teachers and elected officials to compare results from one district to another in order to improve student and school academic achievement performance.

The top scores are as follows:

                                    Reading                       Math                            Science

Class C-1                   Auburn                        Pierce                          Gordon-Rushville

                                    Milford                        Auburn                        Syracuse

                                    Ord**                          Gordon-Rushville       Fillmore Central

                                    Syracuse**                  Syracuse                      Fairbury***

                                    Fairbury                       Wayne                         Pierce***


Class C-2                   North Bend                 Crofton                       Crofton

                                    Thayer Central            Oakland-Craig            Blue Hill

                                    Yutan                          Blue Hill                      Elmwood-Murdock**

                                    Battle Creek              Centennial***             Kimball**

                                    Crofton                       Louisville***              Cambridge

                                                                        West Holt***


Smaller                      Bertrand*                    Bloomfield*                Bertrand*

Schools                      Creek Valley*             Leigh*                         Bloomfield*

                                    Bancroft-Rosalie**     Creighton                    Franklin*

                                    Bloomfield**              Kenesaw***               Leigh*

                                    Kenesaw                     Loomis***                  Loomis*



*tied for first

**tied for third

***tied for fourth

I want to congratulate Crofton for scoring first again this year in math and science. That’s an outstanding achievement.

Regarding the reading assessment, 22 Class C-1 schools, 23 Class C-2 schools and 36 smaller schools had a higher score in 2013 than they did in 2010.

Regarding the math assessment, 24 Class C-1 schools, 27 Class C-2 schools and 43 smaller schools had a higher score in 2013 than they did in 2011 which was the first year of the math assessment. Bloomfield has had a perfect score on the math assessment all three years.

Regarding the science assessment, this was the second year for the test and 28 of 39 Class C-1 schools, 29 of 41 Class C-2 schools and 39 of 59 smaller schools improved their scores in 2013. That’s excellent progress. Bertrand and Stuart have had a perfect score on the science assessment in both 2012 and 2013.

I want to thank the school districts for the increased emphasis that they have placed on academic achievement. It is making a difference.

You can review all of the reading, math and science data for Class C-1, C-2 and smaller schools at my website, by clicking on the icon “columns.”