City Rec Scheduling

If you are needing to schedule a ball field at the Auburn City Rec Complex please send request via email.

Please email for any changes or needs.

Allow 24 hours for request response during season.

The calendar is updated regularly and is supplied above.

Auburn City Recreation Complex Guidelines For Scheduling Fields/Cages & Usage

All games & practices MUST BE scheduled through the Scheduling Coordinator via email:

Allow 24 hours for the Scheduling Coordinator to respond to your requests.

Request for practices will be accepted according to the order in which they are received. All practice requests will be scheduled no further out then the 14 days from the date requested. This allows fairness to all teams in field scheduling, by eliminating block scheduling in advance.

If more than one Coach/team, tries to schedule practice on the same field/time, the Scheduling Coordinator will notify, each coach via email which request was received first. Coaches are responsible for working out any comprises between themselves if shared usage is agreed upon. Auburn City Rec. strongly encourages all teams to cooperate.

Cancellations/Rain Outs – please contact the Scheduling Coordinator immediately. “No-Shows” are highly discouraged.


Scheduled games /make-up games will always take precedence over practice. Please notify the Scheduling Coordinator with Date/Time of scheduled games and make-up games as soon as possible. Allow for field prep time when scheduling.

Additional Notes:

If a field is prepped for a game and it is not your game, please keep players off the field.

Put all hitting screens away after practices. Lay flat or roll to the side. There were screens destroyed by wind in years past because they were not properly stored.

Baseball/Softball Exiting Procedures:

When game or practice has ended, the pitcher’s mound, base areas, home plate, and any other heavily worn areas shall be leveled and raked, keeping in mind not to push toward grass edges to avoid creating a lip. Divots and other holes should be filled.

If you have workers in the press box area for games, please check the area for cleanliness afterwards. We have had a problem in the past with sunflower seeds on the floor, Gatorade spills, trash, etc.

Please pick up trash in the dugouts after games.

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