City Rec Scheduling

We had some issues with the calendar not uploading correctly. The calendar view has been replace with the link in hopes this will provide the most recent information. Thank you for your patience!

If you are needing to schedule a ball field at the Auburn City Rec Complex please send request via email.

Please email for any changes or needs.

Allow 24 hours for request response during season.

The calendar is updated regularly and is supplied above.

All games & practices MUST BE scheduled through the Scheduling Coordinator via email: 

requests are addressed on a first received/first responded basis. Requests are reviewed and confirmed (Mon – Fri) once each morning and again before C.O.B.

Allow 24 for the Scheduling Coordinator to respond to requests:

Practice will be scheduled within a 14-day window. (Requests will be returned indicating requests made outside of that window.) This eliminates teams from monopolizing one time throughout the season and helps provide fair practice time for all coaches.

When requesting practice time, the following information is required: 

Team Name – (In the Subject Line of Email)

Field – (Investigate field availability prior to request)

Time – (Begin time to End Time) ***See note for time requests***

Date – (Must be within 14 day for current date)

Available Time for “Weekday” evenings have 3 available time slots:

Time Slot 1 – 4-5:30pm 

Time Slot 2 – 5:45-7:15pm 

Time Slot 3 – 7:30-9pm

Weekends have no pre-defined timeslots as are weekdays prior to 4pm, these times are open for your scheduling needs.

If more than one Coach/team, tries to schedule practice on the same field/time, the Scheduling Coordinator will schedule with the first request made and contact the other requestor. Auburn City Rec. strongly encourages all teams to cooperate.

Cancellations/Rain Outs – please contact the Scheduling Coordinator immediately. “No-Shows” are highly discouraged.

Scheduling Precedent:

Tournaments take precedence over Scheduled/Make-up games. Games will take precedence over practice. Allow for field prep time when scheduling. The option with the least disruptions will be asked to reschedule. 

Additional notes:

If a field is prepped for a game and it is not your game, stay off the field! Put all hitting screens away after practices. Roll to side and lay flat. There were screens destroyed by wind in years past because they were not put away properly.

Baseball/Softball Exiting Procedures:

When game or practice ended, the pitcher’s mound base areas, home plate and any other heavily worn areas shall be leveled and raked. Do not rake towards grass edge, pull in toward playing field to avoid creating lips. Divots and other holes should be filled. Please pick up trash in the dugouts after practice and games.

Batting Cage Reservations:

These Cages are under “Open Reservation”, meaning they do not have pre-defined time slots and they are not tied to any one field or any one event, unless reserved using the following

  1. Batting Cages are identified and reserved as “East Cage” and “West Cage”.

  2. Coaches can schedule “Team Practice” using either one or both cages for max 1 hour.

    (see note 3) (See note 6) (See note 7).

  3. Only 1 cage can be reserved if the team already holds a reservation on a field, for

    practice, during the same time period.

  4. Group Cage use is limited to 1 cage for up to 60 minutes. (See note 6) (See note 7)

  5. Individual Cage use is maxed at 1 cage for up to 30 minutes. (See note 6) (See note 7)

  6. Walk up Cage use is limited to 1 cage for up to 30 minutes. (See note 7)

  7. Requests for Back-to-Back reservations will be denied the second half of the request.

    Requests exceeding the posted limits above will not be scheduled.

  8. If no reservation exists and there are no walk ups present for use of the cages,

    continued use of cages is allowed until such a time when either of the conditions are

    encountered. Your time is up, exit in a timely manner.

  9. Once Cage reservation have been concluded:

    • Pick up balls!

    • Put covers over top of pitching machines.

    • Replace batting tees to proper location. (South End “Outside” of East Cage)

    • Tilt pitching screens onto the ground.

    • Pick up any trash or debris in cages!

    • Shut gates to individual cages.

    • Secure lock to the Main Cage when you are done.

    • Do all this even if the someone before you were not as considerate.


We have had some issues with the calendar not refreshing correctly. We have removed the calendar view and in its place is the link. Hopefully this will open to the most up-to-date information! Thanks for your patience!