One Survey – Two Purposes: Transforming Where We Live

Auburn Development Council (ADC) and Communities for Kids (C4K) invites you to participate in one
survey with two purposes – Identifying future economic and community opportunities for Auburn and
determining childcare needs for greater Nemaha County. All individuals within Nemaha County are
encouraged to participate in the survey.

Auburn Development Council is bringing the Entrepreneurial Community Activation Process (ECAP) to
Auburn to help identify priorities and actions for the future. The process is led by Nebraska Extension
and creates an opportunity for all members of the community to share their ideas on the future through
an on-line survey and a series of community conversations. The process is a holistic approach to help
communities support growth by understanding their unique characteristics, community assets and
potential opportunities.

ADC is also working in partnership with Communities for Kids (C4K) to further determine Nemaha
County childcare needs. C4K is a program of the Auburn Public Schools and reaches across Nemaha
County school districts.
The ECAP/C4K survey will open Monday, August 16, 2021 and close on Wednesday, September 8, 2021.
All individuals who live in or near Auburn, or who work in, shop or frequent Auburn are encouraged to
share their ideas on the ECAP portion of the survey. Greater Nemaha County residents, with or without
young children are encouraged to fill out the C4K portion of the survey.
To participate in the survey, go to the following website: Please reserve about
20 minutes to complete the survey. Print copies are also available for pickup and drop off at: Auburn
Memorial Library, 1810 Courthouse Ave. or Rural Impact Hub, 919 Central Ave.
Upon completion of the survey, enter your contact information and be entered into a prize drawing.
$50 gift cards will be awarded. To maintain confidentiality, you will be redirected to another poll that is
separate from the informational survey. Your name will not be attached to the ECAP or C4K survey
Auburn Community members are also invited to participate in the ECAP Conversations. We want to hear
your voices as well, as we look at the data and make decisions based on the information. All sessions will
start at ESU 4, 2301 Dahlke Ave, on September 20, October 4, October 18 and November 1.
For more information contact Leslie Clark, Director, Auburn Development Council, 402.414.7850 or or Tyson Wessels, Auburn Public Schools 402.274.4830 l or . For survey questions contact Marilyn Schlake, Extension Educator,
402.472.4138 or

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